How do I realize my full academic potential at ASL?


Student Learning and Testing Enrichment

SLATE is an integral part of ASL's commitment to provide all students the chance to succeed in law school. SLATE encompasses the law school's Bar Preparation, Academic Success, and Writing Center programs.

SLATE seeks to help students master those legal study skills necessary for success in law school, on the bar exam, and in legal practice. SLATE offers a range of programs for students prior to law school, for students at all levels of law school, and for graduating students preparing to take the bar exam.

Mandatory classes

SLATE consists of several components, but the cornerstones of the program are the mandatory courses at the beginning and end of the student's matriculation at ASL. All incoming students are required to take Strategies for Legal Success, a one-semester course during a first-year student's fall semester, which helps students learn the essential skills needed to succeed in law school, including critical thinking, reading, listening, case briefing, note taking, outlining, and exam writing. This course also promotes an understanding of the law of Agency that students will encounter in Torts, Contracts, Property, and Business Associations.

Students are also required to take Bar Preparation Studies during the spring semester of their third year. This three-credit course will build on the analytical, writing, and organizational skills taught across the ASL curriculum with the goal of enhancing the student's ability to prepare for and pass the July bar exam.

Mentoring, tutoring, and workshops

SLATE also includes a Writing Center to assist students with the mechanics of writing, individual tutoring in both substance and lawyering skills, regular workshops and lectures, an alumni-mentoring program, and a specialized bar-support mentoring program for third-year students and alumni.

For more information about SLATE, e-mail Maryann Herman, or call 276-935-4349, Ext. 1284.