How do I realize my full academic potential at ASL?


Strategies for Legal Success

All incoming first-year students are required to attend Strategies for Legal Success I. This course helps students improve the essential skills needed to succeed in law school, including critical thinking, reading, listening, case briefing, note taking, outlining, and exam writing. This course also promotes an understanding of the law of Agency that students will encounter in Torts, Contracts, Property, and Business Associations. The objectives of Strategies for Legal Success are to (1) introduce students to effective learning strategies, study skills, and frameworks to use in law school and during actual bar exam preparation; (2) improve and enhance their critical reading, thinking, and writing skills to maximize their chances of success in law school and on the bar exam; and (3) further prepare them for the practice of law.

Based on their performance during their first semester of law school and other criteria, select students are required to attend Strategies for Legal Success II, which gives students additional opportunities to practice the essential skills they learned during the first-semester course.