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How can I keep in touch after I graduate?

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Keeping in touch

The following information can smooth your transition from student to alum.

Address Changes
Alumni Association
E-mail Accounts
Employment Opportunities
NALP Surveys
Updating your ASL bio and requesting transcripts

Address Changes

Graduates must notify ASL of address changes. Failure to update a new address could potentially cost you a case referral — something you do not want to lose. Your e-mail and  physical addresses are your only connection to ASL after graduation and are lifelines to other ASL graduates. To update your address, e-mail tmoore@asl.edu.

Alumni Association

ASL graduates are automatically members of the ASL Alumni Association. The Alumni Facebook Page allows graduates to keep in contact with classmates, post pictures, make announcements, post events, list job opportunities, and share ideas. 

E-mail Accounts

All “my.asl” student accounts remain as-is after graduation. Notifications and announcements will be sent to these accounts unless the graduate notifies ASL of a preferred e-mail account by e-mailing tmoore@asl.edu.

Employment Opportunities

Career Services will continue to post employment opportunities via Symplicity, the online job posting, career resource, and announcements program. o change your username or password, contact the Director at jcastle@asl.edu.

NALP Surveys

The National Association for Law Placement, or NALP, The Association for Legal Career Professionals, facilitates legal career counseling and planning, recruitment and retention, and the professional development of law students and lawyers. NALP's website provides information on recruiting trends, placement statistics, law firm information, law schools and more.

Who completes the NALP survey?

Following graduation, all recent graduates receive a NALP survey by mail and by email.  Please complete the paper survey or the online survey through Symplicity amd return it to us at that time, regardless of your employment status. If your employment information changes prior to February 15th of the year following your graduation, please contact Career Services to update your survey responses.  

Is my personal status confidential?

Yes. Personal information is kept confidential. The employment information from all graduates is combined into a statistical report that is submitted to NALP. General, collective class information, however, is made publicly available.

What if I lose my NALP survey after graduation?

You can access the online survey on Symplicity. If you have not responded by Jan. 1, you will be contacted once again.  Simply complete it and return it to us at that time, regardless of your employment status.  You may either mail it to Career Services, 1169 Edgewater Drive, Grundy, VA  24614, fax it to 276-935-8261, or e-mail it to  careerservices@asl.edu.

Updating your ASL bio and requesting transcripts


  • Go to www.asl.edu
  • Select “Alumni” on the menu to the left
  • Select the "Alumni Access System" tab along the bottom right
  • Enter PIN number and e-mail address

If you have forgotten your PIN and want it e-mailed to you, enter your e-mail address. Then, click “If you have forgotten your PIN and/or ID, please click here.” This will prompt our system to automatically e-mail your PIN.  The e-mail address must match the last e-mail updated on your bio page. If you have changed e-mail addresses and cannot remember the last updated address ASL has for you, e-mail jcastle@asl.edu.

Once logged on, you will see three tabs: Logout, Biographic and Update Bio.

  • Logout – Logs you out of the system
  • Biographic – Gives you a printable page of all classes taken, grades, total earned credits, GPA credits and GPA
  • Update Bio – Allows you to update your personal information

Requesting a transcript

Under the "Biographic" tab you will find the "request" link. By accessing this link, you may request an official or unofficial transcript as well as a letter explaining ASL's grading system. Please note that official transcripts for employment-related purposes or bar-related purposes, as well as unofficial transcripts, are free of charge to alumni.  All other transcripts must be accompanied by a check for $5.00 made payable to Appalachian School of Law.  Checks should be mailed to Appalachian School of Law, c/o Registrar, 1169 Edgewater Drive, Grundy, Virginia 24614.  Processing time is approximately five business days.   


    Relay for Life, Team Sandy

    ASL supports efforts to find a cure for cancer

    Relay For Life is part of ASL's community service efforts. This year, "Team Sandy" is dedicated to Associate Dean, Sandy McGlothlin, who has been fighting breast cancer.