What is PASO?

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The Pre-Admission Special Opportunity program gives prospective ASL students a chance to prove their talents.

Some applicants may be invited to participate in our Pre-Admission Special Opportunity program. We have designed PASO for students who have the potential to succeed as law students and lawyers, but whose skills and talents may not be reflected fully by traditional measures such as LSAT scores and undergraduate performance. PASO participation is only by invitation of the Admissions Committee, so applicants cannot request participation or enroll in PASO without an invitation.

PASO provides participants an opportunity to experience law school coursework and faculty an opportunity to evaluate participants' performance to assess their ability to succeed in law school. PASO participants who successfully complete the program may be offered admission to the entering first-year class in August of the year in which they complete the program.

PASO is a four-week, online program. The program is completed online, with assigned readings, writing assignments, and a final test.  As students are reviewed for admission, certain students will be contacted with an invitation to participate in PASO. There is a $500 PASO fee, which is nonrefundable. The January, March and June PASO courses have now been completed for Fall 2013 enrollment.  Contact our Admissions office at 276-244-1203 for Fall 2014 PASO consideration.