How do I transfer to ASL?


Transfer to ASL

Are you interested in transferring to Appalachian School of Law?  We have a few seats available for Fall 2015 transfer students.  ASL is accepting applications until August 1st. The school may accept transfer students from ABA-approved or state-approved law schools in accordance with ABA Standard 506 upon demonstration that the student would have qualified for entrance into ASL as a first-year student and the student is in good standing at the prior law school.

Transfer applicants must complete/submit the following:

  • An online application
  • Apply for free!  The $25 application fee is now waived.   
  • Two letters of recommendation - These letters should be sent directly to the Credential Assembly Service via LSAC. Recommendations from a law school professor are not  required.
  • A personal statement of 500 words or less describing your professional goals and qualifications - Include in this statement your reasons for pursuing a transfer and any factors that led up to your decision
  • A current LSDAS report (the admissions office will request your report; make sure that a copy is available for download)
  • For Fall 2015 transfer admission, an affadavit and unoffical transcripts can be sent directly to our admissions office.  Official transcripts and letter of good standing from your prior law school must be submitted at a later date in order to receive transfer credit.
  • Other, optional considerations include an applicant's graduate work, character, work history, professional promise, personal commitment, recommendations, life experience, and other non-academic achievements. We are happy to discuss our admissions process and criteria with potential applicants at any time.

If you have any questions, you can e-mail 

    After you have received an admissions offer, ASL's Associate Dean of Academic Affairs will evaluate your transfer credits.