How will ASL help me prepare for the bar exam?


Bar Exam Preparation

ASL is committed to fully preparing students before, during, and after their graduation from law school for whatever bar exam they choose to take.

Before Law School

First-year students arrive one week before the academic year starts to take a one-credit course called Introduction to Law, which covers some of the basic skills needed in order to succeed in law school, like note taking and case briefing.

During Law School

All incoming students are required to take Strategies for Legal Success, a one-semester course during their first-year fall semester, which helps students improve the essential skills needed to succeed in law school, including critical thinking, reading, listening, case briefing, note taking, outlining, and exam writing. This course also promotes an understanding of the law of Agency that students will encounter in Torts, Contracts, Property, and Business Associations.

Students are also required to take Bar Preparation Studies during the spring semester of their third year. This for-credit class builds on the analytical, writing, and organizational skills taught across the ASL curriculum with the goal of enhancing the student's ability to prepare for the July bar exam.

In addition to these two mandatory classes, ASL also offers a variety of optional workshops and lectures scheduled regularly throughout the Fall and Spring semesters.

After Law School

Alumni Mentorship Program

The Alumni Mentorship Program matches third-year law students with alumni who recently passed the bar exam and who are willing to assist bar candidates through this often challenging and frustrating period of preparation by sharing their experiences. Once matched, mentors and students will communicate primarily by e-mail, but they may also communicate by phone or in person.

Faculty Mentorship Program

The Faculty Mentorship Program matches faculty members with students preparing to take the July bar exam. Faculty mentors will not only provide substantive review tips throughout the summer, but also motivation and encouragement as graduates near the exam date. ASL's faculty mentors travel to some of the larger states where graduates take exams (Virginia, North Carolina, Kentucky, and Tennessee) and provide lunches during exam days to eliminate one additional stress.