How will ASL help me prepare for the bar exam?


Bar Preparation Studies

Bar Preparation Studies is a mandatory course that builds on the analytical, writing, and organizational skills taught across the ASL curriculum with the goal of enhancing a student's ability to prepare for the July bar exam. Although the most intensive preparation for the bar will occur in the six to eight weeks before the bar exam, the course will prepare students for that period of study and practice by introducing them to the format and components of the bar exam; the scope of the task; and study and organizational skills. Students will review select substantive topics; learn review methods for tested areas of law; complete practice essay, multiple-choice and performance test questions; and receive individual feedback on written answers. This course is not intended to replace commercial bar preparation courses. While the course focuses on the Multistate Bar Examination subjects (Constitutional Law, Contracts, Criminal Law and Procedure, Evidence, Real Property, Federal Civil Procedure and Torts), the class will also be divided into smaller sections, with additional meeting sessions to be scheduled based on students' respective state bar exams.