What other degrees does ASL offer?

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Graduate Programs

Juris Masters Degree

ASL will confer the degree of Juris Master upon all candidates for the Juris Doctor program successfully completing their third semester of law school in good academic standing. Awarding ASL students the Juris Master's degree provides them recognition for mastering basic legal skills, and is in keeping with ASL's leadership role in the legal education community, where the school has earned well-deserved national repute for its commitment to legal education access, community service, and student externships.   Not only does it recognize their achievement, but it also provides a valuable degree to law students that determine, due to changes in life circumstances, that completing the J.D. is not apropos at the time.  Attaining this degree ensures that the students receive something of value that will increase their career marketability.

Professional Courses and Certificates

Sometimes continuing education is desired in order to energize a career or boost a job search.  ASL's Certificate program is geared towards providing students with practical knowledge that will help them achieve these goals and more.  Certificate courses may be offered as one or two-week concentration courses, evening and/or weekend courses, online via our online learning platform Sakai, broadcast to the Southwest Virginia Higher Education Center in Abingdon, or as semester-long courses.  While a student can take as few courses as s/he desires, in order to receive the Certificate, the student must complete 12 credit hours by taking any of the courses listed below.  By completing a minimum of 12 and maximum of 15 credits, students can receive a Certificate showing a level of expertise in the subject matter.  A Bachelor's degree is required in order to receive a Certificate. 

Online Learning (Sakai)

SL is partnering with the Appalachian colleges-based Lamp Schools consortium to provide online educational opportunities to Certificate Program participants.  Through the online learning platform Sakai, these students have the capacity to attend some or all of their classes online.  Tuition and fees for online courses are identical to the charges assessed for on-campus courses.  If you are interested in taking an individual course, please see our Current Course Offerings.  If you are interesting in pursuing online classes, please contact Admissions