What other degrees does ASL offer?


Admissions Checklist

Below is what you will need to apply for ASL's MLS program.

  • Bachelor's Degree* from an accredited institution, along with transcripts from each attended college, university, or high school dual-enrollment program.
  • Two letters of recommendation.  ASL will accept up to four.
  • Personal essay on how you expect to use the knowledge required in pursuing the MLS degree.
  • Resume including employment, internships, military service, community service, leadership positions, and relevant extracurricular activities.
  • Application fee.

*Applicants without a Bachelor's degree may be approved by the Dean, the Director of Admissions, and the Director of Special Programs for admittance in exceptional circumstances.  To meet this 'exceptional circumstances 'standard, a student must have strong academic qualifications beyond an Associate's level degree and have substantial post or prior Associate's Degree work experience relevant to the chosen MLS concentration that will enhance the value of the classroom discourse while simultaneously enhancing the student's academic credentials.

Loan funds for Masters of Legal Studies students are available through an arrangement with TruPoint Bank of Grundy.  The terms are quite reasonable and below the conventional lending market.  There is no accrual of interest until nine months after graduation, and the rate is 6% per year.  For further information, contact the Admissions Office.