Want to take specialized courses to help advance your career?


Professional Courses and Certificates

Sometimes continuing education is desired in order to energize a career or boost a job search.  ASL's Certificate program is geared towards providing students with practical knowledge that will help them achieve these goals and more.  Certificate courses may be offered as one or two-week concentration courses, evening and/or weekend courses, online via our online learning platform Sakai, broadcast to the Southwest Virginia Higher Education Center in Abingdon, or as semester-long courses.  While a student can take as few courses as s/he desires, in order to receive the Certificate, the student must complete 12 credit hours by taking any of the courses listed below.  By completing a minimum of 12 and maximum of 15 credits, students can receive a Certificate showing a level of expertise in the subject matter.  A Bachelor's degree is required in order to receive a Certificate. 

Students have the option of taking the courses individually based upon interest and without the need to take the final project/exam.

The three (3) Certificates offered are:
• 1. Human Resources and Management Regulation (HRMR)
• 2. Natural Resources and Energy Regulation (NRER)
• 3. Legal Studies (LS)

Business Associations Introduction to NR Legal Process I*
Administrative Law Environmental Law Legal Process II
Workers' Compensation Oil and Gas Professional Responsibility
Corporate Governances Water Law Torts
ADR Coal and Mineral Law ADR*
Small Business Entities (P) Environmental ADR (P) Contracts
Employment Discrimination & Dispute Mgt* Sustainable Energy (P) Estates and Trusts
Labor Law* Renewables Criminal Law or Procedure
Employee Benefits* Real Estate Transactions Education Law
Management and the Law ADR Real Estate Transactions (P)
Employment Law (P) Administrative Law Law Firm Technology & Legal Research*
Client Interviewing, Counseling & Negotiation (P) Accel. Civil Proc. & Pretrial Practice (P)
Law Office Practice/Law Practice Mgt (P)
Insurance Law

*Course descriptions can be found on the Curriculum page.

*An asterisk next to a course signifies a required course to earn the Certificate.

*Practicums (P) are not advised for professionals unless they are employed, or seek to be employed, in a law firm.  These courses are more geared towards teaching lawyering skills.