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First Year Summer Externships Program

General Description: The Appalachian School of Law’s Summer Externship Program is exclusively for first-year law students. Beginning midway through their fall semester and throughout their entire spring semester, students attend 16 hours of classes to prepare them for site placements.

Credits: Three

Students Enrolled: All First Years

Supervision: Externship Director; Tenured-Tracked Faculty Supervisor, with possible selection of other individuals as needed; and a Site Placement Supervisor.

Number of Sites: To date, over 500 sites have been utilized. Additionally, students have the flexibility to secure sites not previously utilized.

Site Limitations: Compliance with ASL’s minimum requirements for site placements, as well as ABA Standard 305 and U.S. Department of Labor Fact Sheet #71 (April 2010).

Coursework: Full Spring Semester of Classes.

Prerequisites: Compliance with externship placement procedures; Completion of First-Year Curriculum in Good Academic Standing.

Placement Hours: 200 Hours

Other Requirements: Minimum 5 Journals; Weekly Time Sheets; Substantial Writing; and a Debriefing with the Faculty Supervisor.

Grade: A letter grade is given for this course in the fall semester of each student’s second year as part of the student’s cumulative grade average consistent with ASL Academic Standard 9 (a)(4) and 9 (c)(1).

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