What other degrees does ASL offer?


Juris Master Degree

One of Appalachian School of Law's primary goals is to offer education that is both relevant yet innovative, and practical yet life-changing. As a part of this goal, ASL offers the Juris Master degree to candidates for the Juris Doctor that have successfully completed their third semester. With the Juris Master Degree, ASL students in good academic standing receive recognition for mastering basic legal skills.

 ASL's Juris Master's degree has been awarded since 2014, joining other prestigious law schools like Harvard, Yale, Stanford, and the University of Virginia, that offer the degree. Not only does it recognize student achievement, but it also provides a valuable degree to law students that determine, due to changes in life circumstances, that completing the J.D. is not achievable at the time. Attaining this degree ensures that the students receive something of value that will increase their career marketability. With a solid grounding in the law, students are able to advance their careers with twenty-first century businesses and nonprofit organizations that face an increasingly complex regulatory and legal environment.

Students qualifying for the Appalachian School of Law's Juris Master degree receive their J.M. diplomas during a ceremony in the spring, following completion of their third full semester.