Natural Resources and Energy Law

Where should I be Monday, September 21, 2015?


Event Details

Every other year, the Appalachian School of Law is proud to host a Natural Resources and Energy Law Symposium. In an atmosphere of rational debate and civil discourse, representatives from industry, the environmental community, academia and government come together to discuss issues relevant in natural resources and energy law. Past topics include the planned interstate natural gas pipelines, hydraulic fracturing, Clean Air Act implications on the energy industry, and the role of renewables.

For ASL students, we see this conference as a unique educational opportunity. For our presenters from industry, the environmental community, government and academia, we see this as an opportunity for them to present their disparate views to a wide audience for the purpose of public education and debate. For attendees, we hope the conference offers new insights into some of the issues affecting energy independence in America and the various energy related opportunities in Appalachia, and that it provides useful information beneficial in their practice or profession. Last, but not least, we hope that the exercise of presenting, listening and debating by all sides will lead to the discovery of some common ground and the development of some shared goals.

We look forward to seeing you at our next Biennial Natural Resources and Energy Law Symposium in 2017.