Who is on the faculty at ASL?


Our Faculty

ASL faculty members have more than 240 years of law-practice experience. They bring that knowledge and expertise into the classroom so that students can thoroughly understand what it means to practice the law.

Professors at ASL are approachable and available for students' questions. They are teachers first who are committed to students' success. Students often spot professors around campus and around town, engaged and involved. They, too, have a passion for making a difference.

Our faculty:


Sandra Keen McGlothlin, Interim Dean

Greg Baker, Adjunct Professor of Law

Patrick Baker, Associate Professor of Law

Chelsea M. Baldwin, Associate Dean

Judith M. Barger, Professor of Law

Mark Belleville, Associate Professor of Law

Pebbles Burgess, Adjunct Professor of Law

Charles J. Condon, Professor of Law

Eric Elder, Visiting Assistant Professor of Law

The Honorable Larry G. Elder, Distinguished Visiting Professor of Law

Robert E. Gregg, Associate Professor

Frank B. Harrington, Adjunct Professor of Law

Priscilla Norwood Harris, Associate Professor of Law

Stewart L. Harris, Professor of Law 

Mason Heidt, Assistant Professor of Law

Emma Jones, Adjunct Professor of Law

Hillary Burgess Leary, Visiting Associate Professor of Law

Dale Rubin, Professor Emeritus

Ken Russell, Adjunct Professor of Law

Thomas R. Scott, Jr., Visiting Professor of Law