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Students recognized at awards dinner

Dean Wes Shinn, right, presents Andrew Taylor with the Sutin Soul of ASL Award.


Right: Andrew Taylor accepts the Sutin Soul of ASL Award from Dean Wes Shinn.

ASL honored its stand-out students during an awards dinner March 26, held at Mountain Mission School. Awards honored not only outstanding academic performances, but students who have excelled in their community service efforts, as well.

Service Awards

Two awards -- the Sam Weddington Little Red Wagon Award and the Willard Owens Award for Excellence in Community Service -- honored students who went above and beyond to serve the community, a defining characteristic of life at ASL.

Community Service Director Jina Sauls honored third-years Andrew Taylor and Tara Bartosiewicz with the Sam Weddington Little Red Wagon Award. The award is given to those who embody the spirit of service at ASL. It is named after the late Sam Weddington, a 2005 ASL graduate who passed away in 2007 from cancer. Taylor and Bartosiewicz "have consistently worked with an unselfish desire to make things better and get things done, not for self-promotion -- because they know the true meaning of giving and caring for our fellow human kind," Sauls said. "This often involved humbling themselves and doing the tasks that no one else wanted to do."

Patrick Owens, Catherine Owens, and Billie Owens presented 17 students with the Willard Owens Award for Excellence in Community Service. It goes to all third-year students who have performed a minimum of 300 hours of service and is named after the late Grundy mayor. Winners were: Tara Bartosiewicz, Will Estes, Amanda Horton, Charlie Johnson, Kelly Johnson, Angela Lowe, Justin Marcum, Ashton McKenzie, Mary McNeil, Katie Murray, Jessica Nelson, Zachary Newman, Margaret Ransone, David Robinson, Meghan Scott, Stephanie Skeen, and Andrew Taylor.

ASL Cares was honored as organization of the year.

Memorial Awards

Special memorial awards honor students who exemplify the spirit and character of Angela Dales, Professor Tom Blackwell, and Dean Anthony Sutin, who died in 2002. Candidates are nominated by faculty, staff, and peers, and are evaluated by the Dales, Blackwell, and Sutin families.

Sauls presented the Dales Spirit of ASL Award to first-year Hope Perkins Bush, second-year Meka Hall, and third-year Jason Nicholas. Winners show a love of learning and have a drive to persevere and adapt to challenging circumstances. Those who nominated Nicholas noted that "He never complains about his own adversities but instead he seeks to uplift others when they are having a bad day. He always has a smile and a kind word no matter what," Sauls said. Hall was described as someone who "continues to persevere in the face of adversity. She is a strong, beautiful person and a great asset to ASL." Perkins-Bush, Sauls said, is "very busy with obligations for family and school ... However, she is always willing to listen to problems experienced by others around her and to give good advice."

Professor Priscilla Harris presented the Blackwell Heart of ASL Award to first-year Mario Cicconetti, second-year Nora Rahimzadeh, and third-year Micah Blankenship. Honorees balance family, community, church, and other interests while continuing to excel in school. Cicconetti, Harris noted, "is never too busy to help a fellow ASL student. In fact, he has befriended most of the 1L class." Rahimzadeh is "willing to help anyone who needs it and to do so with a smile on her face," and Blankenship is "a true student leader" who has managed to stay involved on campus while distinguishing himself academically, too.

Dean Wes Shinn presented the Sutin Soul of ASL Award to third-year Andrew Taylor. The Sutin family opted this year to give the award to just one student who embodied the award criteria. Taylor "has embraced Grundy and has become a citizen of this community," Shinn said. He has become friends with his elderly neighbors and served the community as a volunteer fireman in the local fire department and one of the Remote Area Medical coordinators. Taylor has also served on campus in a number of ways, from helping with landscaping to planning for this year's commencement. "He has undertaken all of these efforts for three years without an expectation of recognition for each task, or the goal of resume building, but because it has been the right thing to do," Shinn said.

Dean's List

Administrators and faculty also awarded a number of students with academic honors. Those included students who were honored for being on the Dean's List for all semesters that they were eligible: Robert Bates, Joan Burroughs, Jennifer Crawford, Thomas Luke Fleming, Anthony Jones, Travis Lee, Richard Matthews, Richard Mattox, Donna Ridgel, Chris Ring, and Brian Scheid.

For Spring 2010, third-years who made the Dean's List were Carl Adkins, David Boisvert, Lyndsey Branham, Janie Castle, Carletta Faletti, Christopher Floyd, Michael Gembitsky, Christopher Gray, David Horton, Jessica Jackson, Jeremy McGraw, Anna Midence, Brandon Music, Sean O'Donnell, Chester Palumbo, David Pittman, Nicole Shoener, Candace Siler, Amber Sisco, Heather Smith, Zack Stoots, Allison Subacz, Eric Swortzel, Michael Wieder, Alex Williams, Christine Wilson, and Blair Wood. Second-years named to the Dean's List were Robert Bates, Matthew Bradley, Joan Burroughs, Jennifer Crawford, Lindsey Dennerlein, Thomas Luke Fleming, Jason Gallagher, George Hunt, Vanner Johnson, Anthony Jones, Travis Lee, Justin Marcum, Richard Matthews, Richard Mattox, La Tri-c-ea McClendon, Christopher Mennerick, Andrew Meyer, Robert Nylander, Timothy O'Brien, Justin Plummer, Christopher Ring, Brian Scheid, and Katie Sibley.

For Fall 2010, third-years who made the Dean's List were David Barnette, Tara Bartosiewicz, Robert Bates, Brett Bell, Matthew Bradley, Joan Burroughs, Jennifer Crawford, Lindsey Dennerlein, James Downey, Thomas Luke Fleming, Sarah Gray, Anthony Jones, Ashley Kuly, Travis Lee, Richard Matthews, Richard Mattox, Kristian McPeek, Jason Nicholas, Justin Plummer, Donna Ridgel, Christopher Ring, Juliana Ripperger, and Brian Scheid. Second-years named to the Dean's List were William Belcher, Bradley Blanchard, Joshua Cohen, Jacob Davidson, Brandie Eaton, Joshua Evans, Brandi Goad, Penny Hunter, Jennifer Jones, David Kasper, Bethany Long, Danny Lunsford, Katherine Madon, Daniel Newby, Edward Nicholson, Ashley Owen-Cunningham, Elena Patarinski, Tania Perez-Rodriguez, Nora Rahimzadeh, Stephen Shepard, Jason Stenger, Kevin Sullivan, Carl von Kleist, Gregory Whitley, and Robert Willett.

Book Awards

Book Awards are presented to the student who earns the highest grade in each academic class. For Spring 2010, the winners were: Administrative Law, Shannon Williams; Advanced Criminal Procedure, Chester Palumbo; Advanced Negotiation, Kelly Jenkins; Advanced Torts, Jeremy McGraw; Bar Prep Studies, David Pittman; Business Associations, Robert Bates and Thomas Luke Fleming; Client Interviewing and Counseling, Nicole Shoener; Constitutional Law II, Andrew Meyer; Conflicts of Laws, Allison Subacz; Debtor-Creditor, Richard Maddox; Dispute Resolution, Jennifer Crawford; Employment Law and Practice, Heather Smith; Estates and Trusts, Richard Matthews; Family Law Practice, Jeremy McGraw; Federal Income Tax, Sarah Gray; Insurance Law, McKay Whitney; Real Estate Transactions, Richard Maddox; Remedies, David Pittman; Sales, Richard Matthews; Sustainable Energy Law, Blair Wood; Trial Advocacy, Jessica Sisk; Virginia Procedure, Blair Wood.

For Fall 2010, the winners were: Appellate Advocacy 1, Daniel Newby; Appellate Advocacy 2, Jamie King; Certified Civil Mediation, Meghan Scott; Constitutional Law I, Brad Blanchard; Corporate Governance, Dino Pergola; Criminal Practice, Travis Shields, Criminal Procedure, Tania Perez Rodriguez; Disability Law, Thomas Luke Fleming, Dispute Resolution 1, David Kasper; Dispute Resolution 2, Brad Blanchard; Environmental Law, Juliana Ripperger; Estate Planning, Richard Matthews; Evidence, David Kasper; Family Law, Lindsey Dennerlein; Intellectual Property, Jonathan Silvester; Natural Resources Law, Jason Nicholas; Payment Systems, Thomas Luke Fleming; Pretrial Practice, Richard Mattox; Professional Responsibility, Joshua Cohen; Secured Transactions, Thomas Luke Fleming; State and Local Government; Justin Plummer; Trial Advocacy, Brian Scheid.

Who's Who of American Colleges and Universities

Students also were named to the Who's Who of American Colleges and Universities list: Robert Bates, Eugene Belenitsky, Joan Burroughs, Stephen Byers, Jennifer Crawford, William Estes, Brian Finnerty, Thomas Luke Fleming, Jason Gallagher, George Hunt, Vanner Johnson, Mark Lanier, Justin Marcum, Richard Matthews, Richard Mattox, La Tri-c-ea McClendon, Christopher Mennerick, Andrew Meyer, Garrett Moore, Zachary Newman, Robert Nylander, Timothy O'Brien, Christopher Ring, David Robinson, and Brian Scheid.

Professor of the Year

Students from each class picked their favorite professors for Faculty of the Year awards. Both first- and second-year students honored Professor Steve Parsons, and third-years picked Associate Dean Sandra McGlothlin.

Staff Awards

Elise Looney and Charlie Condon were named Library Staffers of the Year. Jennie Clevinger was named Administrative Staff of the Year.