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Students recognized at awards dinner


sutin soul of ASL awardASL honored its stand-out students at the 13th annual awards dinner, held March 24 at Mountain Mission School. Students were recognized for academics as well as community service efforts.

Service awards

The Sam Weddington Little Red Wagon Award and the Willard Owens Award for Excellence in Community Service honored students who went above and beyond in their service efforts. "ASL encourages students to follow their passion as they perform community service," said Jina Sauls, director of community service at ASL.  "In doing so, most students view the service requirement as a release and an act of responsibility, rather than a requirement for graduation."

The Weddington award is given to those who embody the spirit of service at ASL. It is named after the late Sam Weddington, a 2005 ASL graduate who passed away in 2007 from cancer. Recipients "have consistently worked with an unselfish desire to make things better and get things done, not for self-promotion-because they know the true meaning of giving and caring for our fellow human kind," Sauls said. This year, the award went to third-years Eric von Kleist, Penny Mullins Hunter, and John Rogers.

The Owens award, named after late Grundy mayor Willard Owens, is presented to third-year students who perform twice the amount of required service, in most cases 300 hours. Billie Owens, the Mayor's widow, helped present the award to Brad Blanchard, Sarah Brown, Brandi Eaton, Jennifer Ferrara, Elisabeth Griffith, Penny Mullins Hunter, Samantha LaRoche, Nicole Lawson, Brooke Lewis, Bethany Long, Lance McFadden, Edward Nicholson, Ankur Patel, Valerie Powell, Bryan Ragland, Tania Perez-Rodriguez, Eric von Kleist, and Phoenicia Williams.

Memorial awards

Special memorial awards honor students who exemplify the spirit and character of Angela Dales, Professor Tom Blackwell, and Dean Anthony Sutin, who died in 2002. Candidates are nominated by faculty, staff, and peers, and are evaluated by the Dales, Blackwell, and Sutin families.

Sauls presented the Angela D. Dales Spirit of ASL Award to first-year Amanda Nobile, second-year Russell Tribble, and third-year John Rogers. Winners show a love of learning and have a drive to persevere and adapt to challenging circumstances.

Professor Priscilla Harris presented the Thomas Blackwell Heart of ASL Award to first-year Mike Filetti, second-year Laura Conrad, and third-year Penny Mullins Hunter. Honorees balance family, community, church and other interests while continuing to excel in school.Weddington Little Red Wagon award

Dean Wes Shinn presented the Sutin Soul of ASL Award to third-year Elisabeth Griffith "in recognition of three years of leadership on campus ... and of quiet, compassionate support extended to her peers," he said.

Dean's List

Administrators and faculty also awarded students with academic honors. Those included third-year students who were on the Dean's List all semesters: Brad Blanchard, Joshua Evans, Brandi Goad, Penny Mullins Hunter, Jennifer Jones, Noorassa Rahimzadeh, Stephen Shepard, Jason Stegner, and Kevin Sullivan.

Those on the Dean's List in Spring 2011 were third-years David Barnette, Tara Bartosiewicz, Eugene Belenitsky, Jennifer Crawford, Lindsey Dennerlein, Brian Finnerty, Thomas Fleming, Jason Gallagher, Whitney Gooch, George Hunt, Vanner Johnson, Anthony Jones, Ashley Kuly, Justin Marcum, Richard Matthews, Richard Mattox, Christopher Menerick, Andrew Meyer, Timothy O'Brien, Donna Ridgel, Chris Ring, Brian Sheid, and Katie Sibley. Second-years were Claude Barnhill, Brad Blanchard, Joshua Cohen, Steven Davis, Joshua Evans, Brandi Goad, Elisabeth Griffith, Penny Hunter, Jennifer Jones, Robert Josey, David Kasper, Jamie King, Danny Lunsford, Katherine Madon, Eugena Moulton, Edward Nicholson, Tania Perez Rodriguez, Noorassa Rahimzadeh, Stephen Shepard, Joshua Shrieves, Charles Simmons, Jason Stegner, and Kevin Sullivan.

Those on the Dean's List Fall 2011 were third-years Brad Blanchard, Steven Davis, Joshua Evans, Brandi Goad, Elisabeth Griffith, Penny Hunter, Jennifer Jones, Robert Josey, Pamela Keeling, Bethany Long, Eugena Moulton, Daniel Newby, Elena Patarinski, George Payne, Noorassa Rahimzadeh, Stephen Shepard, Jonathan Silvester, Charles Simmons, Jason Stegner, Kevin Sullivan, Tracy Taylor, Alexis Thore, and Greg Whitley. Second-years were Nicholas Armes, Brent Bohannon, Nathan Brown, Justin Criner, Candice DuVernois, Thomas Fitzgerald, Jon Hatfield, Akiah Highsmith, L. Bryan Holt, Joseph Hopson, Scott Johnson, Jordan Kozik, Katherine Lloyd, Leon Marshall, Matthew Michalovic, David Moore, Justin Noble, Nathaniel Ogle, Dominick Pellegrin, Chastity Perkins-Bush, Amber Russo, Lauren Smith, David Snyder, Ryan Stratton, Hunter Street, and Russell Tribble.

Book Awards

Book Awards are presented to the student who earns the highest grade in each academic class. For Fall 2011, the winners were:  Appellate Advocacy 1, Scott Johnson; Appellate Advocacy 2, Crystal Friend; Certified Civil Mediation, Kathryn Mooney; Constitutional Law, Matthew Michalovic; Corporate Governance, Robert Willet; Criminal Practice, T. Brooke Howard; Criminal Procedure, Russell Tribble; Dispute Resolution 1, William Corbett; Dispute Resolution 2, Candice DuVernois; Environmental Law, Eric von Kleist; Estate Planning, Laura Humphries; Evidence, Justin Noble; Family Law, Pamela Keeling; Natural Resources Law, Chloe Richland; Payment Systems 1, Elena Patarinski; Payment Systems 2, Jason Stegner; Pretrial Practice, Daniel Newby; Professional Responsibility, Jordan Kozik; Secured Transactions 1, Steven Davis; Secured Transactions 2, Elisabeth Griffith; State and Local Government; Domica Winstead; and Trial Advocacy, Bethany Long.

For Spring 2011, the winners were: Administrative Law, Anthony Jones; Advanced Criminal Procedure, Jennifer Jones; Advanced Torts, Katie Sibley; Bar Prep Studies, Richard Matthews; Business Associations, Stephen Shepard; Constitutional Law, Robert Josey; Conflicts of Laws, Thomas Fleming; Debtor-Creditor, Brian Finnerty; Dispute Resolution, Nicole Lawson; Employment Law, Whitney Gooch; Estates and Trusts, Brandi Goad; Federal Income Tax, Richard Matthews; First Amendment, Tara Bartosiewicz; Insurance Law, Michelle Caggiano; Real Estate Transactions, Samantha Owens; Remedies, David Kasper; Sales, Jason Stegner; Sustainable Energy Law, Brian Finnerty; Trial Advocacy, Timothy O'Brien; and Virginia Procedure, Timothy O'Brien.

Who's Who of American Colleges and Universities

Students named to the Who's Who list this year were Claude Barnhill, William Belcher, Brad Blanchard, Alex Chesnut, Joshua Cohen, Steven Davis, Joshua Evans, Ryan Frank, Brandi Goad, Elisabeth Griffith, Penny Mullins Hunter, Jennifer Jones, Robert Josey, David Kasper, Jamie King, Bethany Long, Katherine Madon, Eugena Moulton, Daniel Newby, Edward Nicholson, Ashley Owen-Cunningham, Elena Patarinski, Tania Perez Rodriguez, Noorassa Rahimzadeh, Stephen Shepard, Joshua Shrieves, Charles Simmons, Jason Stegner, Kevin Sullivan, Eric von Kleist, and Greg Whitley.

Faculty and Staff Awards

Students from each class picked their favorite professors for Faculty of the Year awards. Both first- and second-year students honored Professor Steve Parsons, and third-years picked Associate Dean Sandra McGlothlin. Taylor Burgess was named administrative staffer of the year, and Nicolas Stump was library staffer of the year. 

Above left: Dean Wes Shinn presents the Sutin Soul of ASL Award to 3L Elisabeth Griffith.

Above right: Community Service Director Jina Sauls presents the Weddington Little Red Wagon Award to 3L John Rogers.