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From Professor Patrick R. Baker,  Associate Professor of Law and Institutional Development and Strategic Planning Chair:

            Despite the cold winter and tepid spring, ASL's Natural Resources Program has been hot, hot, hot.  Building on the new natural resources classes approved by the faculty in the fall, the faculty adopted a Certificate in Natural Resources Law, so that students can highlight for prospective employers their experience, commitment to natural resources, and expertise.  Also, the faculty also approved a more flexible schedule that will allow 2Ls to take natural resources related courses for the first time.  Additionally, ASL will offer will offer four summer courses in a short course two week format in August. As part of the offerings, Oil & Gas Law and The Law of Renewables will be taught during the first two weeks of the month.  The plan is to offer more summer courses in the future in order to increase course offerings to ASL students and attract non-ASL students. 

            The Natural Resources Committee and Task Force continue to focus their efforts on the Governor's First Biennial Natural Resources and Energy Law Symposium.  ASL is partnering with the Governor's Office of Virginia in sponsoring this event as the official launch of ASL's Natural Resources Law Program.  The event will be kicked off on September 22nd with a reception at the Olde Farm.  On Monday the venue will switch to the Higher Education Center in Abingdon.  The event will commence with a keynote address by James W. McGlothlin, founder of United Coal, and the Symposium will cover such timely topics as National Energy Policy, EPA Air Regulations, the BP Deepwater Horizon Spill, the Effect of Wall Street Reforms on Energy Markets, and New and Emerging Technologies.  For more information please visit

ASL's students continue to shine in moot court competitions, as ASL was runner-up at the 72-team National Environmental Law Moot Court Competition held at Pace University Law School.  Also, the Appalachian Natural Resources Law Journal continued its growth as the faculty voted to allow editors and senior staff of the ANRLJ to receive academic credit for their work.  The ANRLJ is prepared to publish papers from the Symposium in 2013-14, in addition to putting out its own edition in the spring and cite-checking/editing EMLF's Annual Institute in the fall.  Finally, ASL has expanded its externship program to include "premier" internships for rising 2Ls that include opportunities focused on mineral, energy and environmental law.  In fact, we have two rising 3Ls and two rising 2Ls serving at "premier" internships and externships at U.S. EPA.  The Natural Resources Law Program continues to grow and impress.  Please join us in Abingdon for the Symposium on September 22nd and 23rd for an outstanding event.