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ASL Professor Patrick Baker Leads Panel Discussion


ASL Professor Patrick Baker Leads Panel Discussion at the 31st Annual Regulatory Conference at William & Mary.                               

The title of the discussion was, A New Era? How Coming EPA Regulations May Change Our Energy FutureThe panel focused on new and potential EPA air, ash, and water regulations as well as the effect that these regulations will have on existing and future power plants. John McManus, Vice President of Environmental Services A.E.P.,discussed the effect of these regulations on the electric utility industry, system reliability, and customer rates. The panel addressed the policy behind EPA regulation and any offsetting public benefits customers will see from these new regulations. The panel discussed the interplay between the cost of EPA regulations on existing coal plants and the rise of natural gas as fuel source.  Christopher McGill, Vice-President Policy Analysis American Gas Association, discussed forecasts of natural gas supplies and continued low gas prices as the electric industry brings new natural gas plants on line and natural gas exports increase.  Finally, Dr. Manik Roy, Vice-President Strategic Outreach-Center for Climate and Energy Solutions, discussed climate change, the role of natural gas, and pending EPA regulations, and their effect on fossil fuel consumption.