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August Intersession 2014 - Employee Benefits


On-Campus course:
Employee Benefits

Professor Kizer

August 4-7 - 9am-4pm  

August 8 - 9am-Noon

This 2 cr. course will survey the rules affecting employee pension and profit sharing plans. By providing an overview of the framework of rules governing such plans, as articulated by the Department of Labor (DOL) and Internal Revenue Service (IRS), students will learn the basic issues that affect retirement plans and participants' rights under such plans. The course will discuss other types of employee benefit plans, such as health and welfare plans and executive compensation plans.  It will also include a brief discussion on ex-employee benefits, namely unemployment compensation.

For ASL 2L's and 3L's

Also available for Non-ASL students. 

Registration open until July 28.  For more information, contact the Registrar at 276.244.1297 or email