What kind of students does ASL attract?

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Dove Powers

Dove Powers is life-long resident of southwest Virginia and grew up in Haysi, Virginia. Dove's first experience with ASL was during a spring Open House event in 2008. "It was during the open house that I started thinking about the possibility of going to law school. The campus was beautiful, and I was thrilled at the thought of returning home to continue my education."

After graduating from Virginia Tech in 2010, Dove started working at ASL as an Admissions Counselor. "Working at the law school was a great experience for me. I had the opportunity to see what law school was like before I made the final commitment to start the application process. By working at the law school, I learned about the development of the school and I realized that ASL was the perfect fit for me."

After two years as an Admissions Counselor, Dove transitioned from staff member to student. During her 1L year, Dove has played an active role in initiating a new organization at ASL, called Pipeline, whose efforts include outreach to local high school students, promoting legal education. The Pipeline initiative stems from the American Bar Association's efforts to increase diversity in the legal field. "I learned about this during my time as an Admissions Counselor and knew that I wanted to bring that initiative to ASL." Dove is currently the President of the Pipeline organization at ASL.

Dove plans to practice law in southwest Virginia and will be an intern at the Dickenson County Commonwealth Attorney's office this summer.