What kind of students does ASL attract?

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Isabella Valcarcel

First-year Isabella Valcarcel has traveled the globe, and experiencing yet another part of the world is one reason she chose ASL for law school.

Her trips have included Scotland, Austria, Germany, England, the Czech Republic, and France. Now she wants to know Appalachian culture firsthand.

The Peru native moved to California at 10 and eventually attended the University of Florida. Given her diverse background, she hopes to work in international law for a nonprofit group and “weave a blanket of camaraderie” among nations. Ultimately, Valcarcel would love to work on the East Coast and then in Spain.

ASL has proven diverse, she said, with more than a half-dozen states represented at her apartment complex alone. Her favorite class, Torts, ensured she was “never bored.”

While law school can be challenging, she said, it pays to remember that “it won’t last forever.” Her advice for prospective students is to “keep stress to yourself. … We’re all on boat this together; don’t be the one to make you sink.”