What kind of students does ASL attract?

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Jay Kadiwala

This big city engineer wanted a beautiful and quiet place to take his career goals to the mountain top.

His previous work experiences took him across the country and across the globe, but no place as beautiful as the Appalachian Mountains.  Born and raised in Chicago, law and love brought him to Grundy.  His wife is the reason why he considered ASL. 

Qualifying for admission through ASL's PASO program, hard work and dedication have really paid off for Jay.  He plans to pursue a specialization in patent law by passing the United States Patent and Trademark Exam this spring and passing the Virginia Bar next July.

For Jay, law school will open many doors, including patents, copyrights, trademarks, and counterfeiting with the U.S. Department of Commerce, contract work with the Department of Defense, and other opportunities as corporate counsel and private sector technology-related litigation.

Being one of only two Hindu students in the class presented the opportunity for a more enriched learning experience for everyone, especially in Constitutional Law where discrimination and individual liberties are studied in depth.

Jay says:

"My advice to students is to make the best of Grundy and Grundy will make the best of you.  Law school is an investment in your future.  Wouldn't you want to make that investment in a school and a place that will allow you to think and study so that you can make the most of that investment?  Life is too short; make the most of every day and every opportunity!"

Jay's wife, Payal Parikh-Kadiwala, will graduate this year from the nearby Appalachian College of Pharmacy and Jay will graduate from ASL next May.