Criminal Law Certificate Requirements


All required courses * from the list below must be taken as well as an additional 9 hours of electives.  To be eligible for the certificate the student must attain a grade no lower than “Competent” and a “B” average in all courses taken to meet the Certificate requirements.

  • Criminal Law *
  • Criminal Procedure *
  • Appellate Advocacy –Criminal Law Section*
  • Evidence *
  • Externship *
  • Virginia Criminal Procedure
  • Criminal Trial Practice
  • The Prosecution Project
  • Post-Conviction Relief
  • Mental Health in the Criminal Justice System
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Additional elective courses as approved by the faculty

The required first year summer externship, or an externship during the following summer, shall be with: 1) a   prosecutor’s office, 2) public defender’s office, 3) a Judge, or 4) an Attorney General’s office.

The student must complete a minimum of 120 hours of third year practice in a public defender’s or prosecutor’s office.

The program will be fully implemented for the class of 2020.  Anyone qualifying in the class of 2019 will also be given the certification.  Upon graduation and completion of the above requirements, the student’s transcript will reflect this certification with a list of the requirements attached.