Patrick G. Gould

Associate Professor of Law, Director of the Academic Excellence Program, Director of the Bar Prep Services Program

  • J.D., State University of New York
  • M.A., Learning Sciences, Northwestern University
  • B.S., Biology and Psychology (Double Major), State University of New York, Member Phi Beta Kappa Club

Courses Taught: Torts, Introduction to Law / Strategies for Legal Success, and Bar Preparation Studies

Professor Patrick Gould’s ancestors include Talcott Gould, who helped to fortify Bunker Hill against the British in America’s Revolutionary War, and Colonel Abram Penn, who organized and led the first Revolutionary troops from Henry and adjoining counties in Virginia.

Professor Gould’s scholarly interests include the dynamics of cognitive automaticity couched within progressive novice-to-expert learning protocols, the development of domain-specific expertise through nested legal notation, scientifically-situated myelin formation through isolation and activation agency, strategically appropriate algorithmic contexts of legal writing, performance-based teaching and learning strategies, multi-modal cognitive inculcation through verbal articulation, application of expert free-thought as a distinctive mode to teach complex legal analysis, accelerated formation of tenacious long-term memory, development of synchronous and asynchronous blending learning solutions, and effort-based self-learning initiatives congruent with teaching within the legal academy.


  • Three Steps to Awesome Memory: An Integrated Memory Enhancement System, Self-Published (2016).
  • The Power 90 MPT Program: A Primer for the Multi-State Performance Test, Self-Published (2011).
  • Gould’s Law on Location Video Series: Legal Conflicts and Their Resolutions, Self-Published (2010).
  • Gould’s Substantive Law Workbooks, Including: Constitutional Law, Torts, Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure, Corporations, Evidence, Remedies, Contract Law, Civil Procedure, Real Property, Wills, and Trusts, Self-Published (2004-2011).


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