Appalachian School of Law’s Brett Hall Wins National Law Writing Competition

brett-hallBrett Hall decided he wanted to be a writer in the 5th grade, when his teacher, Mrs. Betty Kilgore, showcased one of his short stories in his English class at Coeburn Middle School. Brett is now entering his last semester of law school at Appalachian School of Law, in Grundy, VA, but he hasn’t forgotten his dream of becoming a writer. In fact, he recently entered the National Law Review’s Law School Writing Competition and won. Said Brett, “I am able to strike a bold line through ‘Become a published author’ on my list of goals. I am elated, surprised, and absolutely blessed to be able to announce that my research has been chosen as the winner of the National Law Review’s Law School Writing Competition.”

The genesis for the article came from a seminar class “Current Issues in Constitutional Law” taught by the Honorable Judge Larry G. Elder, recently retired from the Court of Appeals of Virginia. The course itself delved into traditional Constitutional issues, but with an analysis of pertinent pending cases currently before the Supreme Court. A research paper was required for the class and students were given liberty to style it however they wanted. Brett chose to do his in the style of a law review article. After reading Brett’s article, Judge Elder encouraged him to pursue publication and Brett decided to enter the National Law Review’s Law School Writing Competition.

The article titled, “Artificial Wombs, Gallup Polls, and a Donald Trump Presidency: The Future of Roe v. Wade and Abortion Jurisprudence in the United States” can be read in the National Law Review’s online journal:

Brett Hall is a native of Coeburn, VA. He graduated from Coeburn High school and then entered the University of Virginia’s College at Wise where he earned a B.A. degree in Government and Political Science. He is currently a 3L law student and the Student Bar Association president at the Appalachian School of Law. He is an intern operating under a practice certificate at the Wise County Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office. After graduation, Brett plans to pursue a career in criminal litigation.