In 2022, the Appalachian School of Law started a new clinic program that allows its law students to work with the Office of the Attorney General of Virginia on criminal appeals. The new Advanced Appellate Advocacy Program reflects our school’s commitment to providing students with practical experiential learning, future career opportunities, and an opportunity to serve the Commonwealth.

In this first-of-its-kind program in Virginia, students work on actual appellate cases with attorneys from the Criminal Section of the Attorney General’s Office. Students review court records and write briefs on cases assigned to them by the Criminal Section. Faculty then review the briefs, offer edits, and discuss the changes with the students. Students make final edits, and another faculty review occurs before submitting the written work product on behalf of the Commonwealth of Virginia. 

The Advanced Appellate Advocacy Program gives students the opportunity to work on actual criminal appeals and work with government attorneys who are experts in appellate work. In appropriate cases, students even have the possibility of arguing before the Court of Appeals if their cases are set for oral argument.