At Appalachian School of Law, our students are the heart of our community. We are proud of our diverse student body, which includes individuals from all walks of life and a variety of academic and professional backgrounds, with a significant proportion of students hailing from the legally underserved region of Appalachia. 

Our students are dedicated, hardworking, and committed to achieving their goals. They come to ASL with a passion for the law and a desire to make a positive impact on their communities.  The students, staff, and faculty at ASL deeply share a commitment to the law school’s mission, and we are very proud of that. 

We strive to provide our students with a supportive and collaborative learning environment. Our faculty and staff are committed to helping students achieve their full potential, both in the classroom and beyond.

Our students are actively involved in a wide range of extracurricular activities, including moot court, trial advocacy, pro bono legal service, academic clubs, intramural sporting teams, and much more. They also participate in student organizations that focus on a variety of legal issues, such as legal scholarship, environmental law, business and international law, energy and mineral law, and criminal justice reform.

At Appalachian School of Law, we believe that our students are the future of the legal profession. We are committed to providing them with a rigorous and comprehensive legal education, as well as the skills and knowledge necessary to be successful in their careers. We are proud of our students and their achievements, and we look forward to watching them grow and succeed as they become leaders and advocates for change in their communities and beyond.

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