ASL stands as a serene yet vibrant sanctuary where students delve into the study of law, forge enduring connections, and explore their future paths. Nestled within the majestic mountains of Appalachia, this setting is perfect for a deeply engaging and practical legal education. Our distinguished faculty, acclaimed in their fields, will guide you through the complex landscape of legal principles, providing hands-on tactics to conquer the material.

From the onset of your journey at our law school, we’ll tailor a bar exam strategy that meets your individual requirements, supported by experienced coaches. Our ambition is to equip you for success in whichever legal domain you choose to enter. Our alumni have achieved remarkable success across various sectors, including private law firms, the judiciary, the military, non-profit organizations, academia, and public service. Your triumphs define our achievements.

The journey through law school is demanding yet fulfilling, pushing you towards becoming a more methodical researcher and thinker. It hones your writing skills, a crucial asset for any legal professional, through a rigorous and rewarding process. Over three years, you’ll encounter diverse legal fields, opening up visions for your career in law. Whatever direction your career takes, my commitment, as your Dean, is to ensure you’re thoroughly prepared for it.

In essence, we invite you to embark on your legal career at ASL, where we will navigate the path ahead with hope, perseverance, and self-assurance.

Col D. J. Western, USAF, Ret.
Interim President and Dean