Students at Appalachian School of Law are diverse in background and experience – pursuing a second career, first in their families to receive higher education, or seeking a future in public service. Naturally, our applicants are just as diverse. As we reshape what traditional law school looks like, choosing ASL can be the best decision for many.

A number of our prospective students hail from Appalachia and desire to become lawyers who will remedy the access-to-justice gap so prevalent in this region. We intend for our campus to be a place of support and growth for our students, transforming them into leaders equipped to effective advocates upon graduation. Our alumni create a network of like-minded professionals with similar missions.

As you’re applying for law school, consider the impact you want our career to have. If it’s shaped by service, we encourage you to learn more about ASL’s curricular overview, academic programs, and LSAT resources, as well as what to expect from the applicant timeline


Applying to Appalachian School of Law

You can apply now to Appalachian School of Law through the LSAC portal.

In addition to our Applicant FAQs, our Admissions Office is available to answer questions about tuition and fees, financial aid options, and scholarships, as well as schedule a tour for you to visit us.