Rethinking law school. Is that too ambitious?

Whatever your answer to that question, Appalachian School of Law is doing just that. While preserving the deep traditions of the legal academy, ASL is creating a student-centric approach to studying law that focuses on experiential learning and a holistic understanding of our legal system. In short, ASL looks to the honored past while pressing forward into an innovative future.

What does that look like?

In so many ways, we are different. From the beginning until now, ASL has pioneered the effort to reclaim the culture of legal education. We hold high the need for academic excellence and scholarship. But we equally see the value of achieving these goals in a professional, nurturing, collegial, and affirming educational environment. Learning the law is essential. But learning how to use the power of the law to unite and strengthen others is just as essential. The ASL culture lives out this philosophy in a way unique among law schools.

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