Students with a documented disability may be entitled to accommodations to facilitate exam-taking and classroom learning. Students needing special accommodations should fill out a request form (available on ASL’s website and in the Registrar’s Office, ) and provide the necessary supporting documentation for the request at least 30 days before the requested effective date of accommodations. The Registrar will forward the request to the Academic Accommodations Committee for review and determination pursuant to the policies and procedures set out in the section entitled “Disability Policy and Definitions” in Chapter 1 and in Appendix E “Accommodations for Students with Disabilities” of the ASL Catalog & Student Handbook.

Accommodations for temporary disabilities or emergency accommodations must be requested each semester in which they are required. The request for emergency accommodations and supporting documentation should be submitted to the Registrar as soon as reasonably possible after the need for accommodation arises. Keep in mind that the process of considering documentation and developing appropriate accommodations will take a minimum of 48 hours.

Forms for Accommodation requests:

Form A Initial Request for Reasonable Accommodations (PDF)

Form B Temporary Medical Conditions documentation for Reasonable Accommodations (PDF)

Form C Physical Disabilities documentation for reasonable accommodations (PDF)

Form D Learning Disabilities Documentation for Reasonable Accommodation (PDF)

Form E ADHD documentation for reasonable accommodations (PDF)

Form F Mental Health documentation for reasonable accommodations (PDF)

Form G Renewal Requests for accommodations (PDF)

To view the policy on accommodations for students with disabilities, please see Appendix E of our Student Catalog and Handbook.