When you imagine your future as a lawyer, what do you see? Do you dream of practicing law as a way to better your community? 

That opportunity is available at Appalachian School of Law. Our students are motivated to serve where attorney ratios are exceptionally low and needs are chronically unmet – which are prevalent issues in this region.

Many ASL students go on to do just that. In fact, our graduates lead the region in providing critical legal services and closing the access-to-justice gap. This is a crucial statistic because the ratio of lawyers to Central Appalachian residents (1 to 742) is dramatically less than the average in the nation (1 to 250).

What’s Law School Like at ASL?

As a law student at Appalachian School of Law, you can expect a rigorous, student-centric program where every student is an investment – supported by an experienced faculty and alumni network and prepared for a successful future.

We partner with four-year undergraduate institutions that concentrate on health care, cybersecurity, engineering, and natural resources to develop industry-leading attorneys. ASL explores the holistic, practical aspects of law through expert faculty, including multiple members of the Virginia judiciary.

Our J.D. curriculum emphasizes practical education for law through experiential learning. All students are prepared to make an impact on their community by getting real experience with real clients with real needs under a real lawyer. Community service and externships are a required component of every degree. 

ASL shapes a future that’s in service to others. Providing competent legal services can lift communities and provide a sense of hope and self-worth that justice under law offers. As you consider choosing ASL for your law degree, request more information online.