March 18, 2024

Child Welfare and Adoption Law Moot Court

Child Welfare and Adoption Law Moot Court


The Appalachian School of Law Child Welfare Moot Court Team did the school proud by making it to the elimination rounds at the Capital competition. The team will use this experience to set their sites on next year! Congratulations to Lindsey Lowe (2L), Megan Chumbley (2L), Melanie Hicks (2L), and Coach Professor Shelly James.

For those of you who are counting, that is 3 teams, 3 tournaments, all making it into elimination rounds. This has been a very good year for ASL. Individualized Education, proven results.


The moot court competitions are not over yet. This weekend we also have Lindsey Lowe (2L) and Megan Chumbley (2L) in Columbus Ohio representing ASL for the National Moot Court competition in Child Welfare & Adoption Law at Capital University Law School. Lowe and Chumbley are arguing a case that involves the putative father registry. Yesterday (3/15), they competed against 26 teams in the preliminary rounds, advancing with 16 teams. They argue today at the Ohio Supreme Court. Lowe and Chumbley are accompanied by Melanie Hicks (2L) as an alternate and assistant coach. Dean Shelly James is coach.

Wish these ladies luck today. Appalachian School of Law is proud to have so many students representing them in multiple competitions.


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