April 25, 2024

Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims at ASL

Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims at ASL

On April 3rd 2024 ASL had the honor of hosting a distinguished panel from the Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims, including Chief Judge Margaret Bartley, Judge Grant Jaquith, and Judge Amanda Meredith. Our students witnessed judicial proceedings firsthand as the judges deliberated a real case involving the Veterans Administration and the lawfulness of recouping overpayment of Survivor Dependency and Indemnity Compensation (DIC) from a dependent spouse.

After the arguments, the judges, their clerks, and the attorneys had a panel discussion with the Administrative Law class and other students, discussing appellate practice, agency work, and representing veterans.  Talking with all these parties to a case was a unique experience that the ASL students enjoyed and appreciated.

This unique opportunity not only enhances our educational experience but also underscores our commitment to understanding and addressing the complex issues that affect our veterans and their families.

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