May 14, 2024

Dean’s Letter to the Class of 2024

Dean’s Letter to the Class of 2024
Dear Graduates,
It is with great pride and immense pleasure that I extend my heartfelt congratulations to each of you, the distinguished members of the Appalachian School of Law’s 25th graduating class. As we gather to celebrate the remarkable achievements of the Class of 2024, we also mark a significant milestone in the history of our amazing law school.
Over the course of your studies, you have demonstrated unwavering dedication and exceptional scholarship, embodying the spirit of commitment and resilience that defines our law school community. Your journey through the rigorous demands of legal education has been inspiring to witness, and it has prepared you not only to be exceptional lawyers but also principled leaders who are ready to serve and uplift communities.
Your contributions through countless hours of volunteer service have already begun to impact our community profoundly. Each project you undertook, every hour of service you rendered, has woven a thread of hope and support into the fabric of our society. These selfless acts underscore the ethos of our institution and reflect the core values we uphold. As you move forward, carry this legacy of service with you, let it guide your decisions and actions in the legal field and beyond.
This year, as we celebrate a quarter-century of cultivating legal minds and promoting justice, your graduation adds a special layer of joy to our commemorations. You are not only graduates but also torchbearers of a legacy that will extend far beyond our campus borders.
I am confident that you will go forth with courage and foresight, ready to navigate the complexities of law and society. Please keep in touch with your alma mater and your classmates. The bonds you have formed here will provide strength and support as you embark on your professional paths.
Once again, congratulations on your well-deserved success. We are immensely proud of you and eagerly await to see the impact you will make in the world.
With warm regards,
Dean Western
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