May 11, 2023

ASL Graduates Rank Second in Overall Virginia Bar Passage

ASL Graduates Rank Second in Overall Virginia Bar Passage

Practice Focused, Prepared to Serve — Appalachian School of Law (ASL) continues to uphold its professional and educational aspirations by producing impressive results in the February 2023 administration of the Virginia Bar examination. Out of all the law schools in Virginia, ASL graduates ranked second in overall bar passage, a testament to the effectiveness of the school’s bar preparation program.

ASL’s bar preparation curriculum spans all three years of law school and incorporates in each year the BARBRI program, an industry leader in bar examination preparation.  As Jeremy Hurley, Director of Bar Preparation at ASL, has observed, “it is often said that we ‘should begin with the end in mind,’ and at ASL we fully embrace that wisdom.”  “Our three-year, intensive focus on the bar,” Hurley continued, “is intended to relieve the stress that so often accompanies the challenge of the bar exam by equipping ASL students with the knowledge and confidence they need to succeed.”

“We are overjoyed at our students’ success on the recent bar exam,” said ASL President and Dean B. Keith Faulkner. “It is rare to find a law school as warm and encouraging as ASL,” Faulkner observed, “and I believe this positive culture contributes to the academic and professional success of our students.”  “I am very grateful,” he added, “for all of the hard work and support our faculty and staff have poured into our students and, most of all, I commend these graduates for their well-deserved victory over the bar.”

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