April 1, 2024

SBA Election

SBA Election

Appalachian School of Law is proud to introduce our newest Student Bar Association Officers, Justices, and Senators.

According to Americanbar.org, Student Bar Associations are an integral part of the Law Student Division. SBA Presidents are in a unique position to share ideas and concerns with the Division. In turn, the Division provides informational resources and a connection to other SBAs across the country.

President: Sidney McLaughlin
Vice President: Heather Noman
Treasurer: Ashton Lawson
Secretary: Michael Agwara

Chief Justice: Melanie Hicks
Honor Court Justice: Lindsey Musick
Honor Court Justice: Dean Walker

Rising 3L Senator: Joseph Gullett
Rising 3L Senator: Joshua Marant
Rising 3L Senator: Caitlen Myers

Rising 2L Senator: Allainah Easterling
Rising 2L Senator: Taylor Schmook
Rising 2L Senator: Grayson Rockwell

These future leaders will represent their peers with integrity and pride. Join us in congratulating them in their new roles.

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