Student Bar Association

The Student Bar Association of The Appalachian School of Law is governed by four officers, nine Senators, and four Honor Court Justices. Every ASL student is a member of the Student Bar Association by virtue of enrollment. The SBA serves the ASL student body in the formation of law school policy and student governance. In addition, the SBA organizes social events and community service events and facilitates the formation of new student organizations. The SBA plays an important role in serving as a liaison between the students and the faculty and administration. The SBA organizes the ASL Speaker Series, which brings attorneys, judges, and other persons to ASL to speak on topics related to the study of law and the legal profession. These events help broaden students’ awareness of current events and better prepare them for entry into the legal profession.


President: Alex Harclerode
Vice President: Les Mallow
Secretary: Anna Butcher
Treasurer: Laurann Brown

Chief Justice Honor Court: Manpreet Kaur
Deputy Chief Justice: Constance Mutong
2L Associate Justices: Roslyn Nixon, Kimberlyn Wells
1L Associate Justices: Kenneth Owen


3L Senators: Adrian Roseboro, Neil Fannin, Robert Evans
2L Senators: Bailey Latham, Josh Wysor, Ryan Shears
1L Senators: Alexandria Garuffi, Daniel Sullivan, Keri Mills


American Bar Association Student Rep – American Bar Association – Payton Johnson
Career Services Committee – Manpreet Kaur
Charitable Endeavors – Larry Holder
Fiscal Policy Committee – Neil Fannin, Bailey Latham, Laurann Brown
Internal Affairs & Alumni Relations –
Legacy Committee – Shawn Cosner
New Organization Review Committee – Les Mallow
Outreach Committee –
Buchanan County Law Clinic Committee – Adrian Roseboro
Pharmacy School Outreach – Larry Holder
Student Activities Council – Larry Holder
Student/Faculty Liaison – Richard Gibson
SBA Calendar – Stewart Ball
Faculty Advisor: Associate Dean Heidt