ASL Happiness Project

To promote law student well-being, Appalachian School of Law continues the “ASL Happiness Project,” a program that originated at ASL a few years ago. This project includes an ongoing series of events focused on promoting overall health and wellness for the ASL community. Its vision is to support a mentally and physically healthy community of students, faculty, and staff.

Here are some of the events we have offered to students:

  • Restorative Yoga  with Debbie Jackson
  • Holistic Health & Nutrition Talk by Sara McGlothlin
  • Insanity Monday
  • Salsa Lessons
  • Beginner Karate/Self-Defense Classes
  • Hikes at Breaks Interstate Park
  • Creeper Trail Bike Ride
  • Stress Management sessions with Sister Bernie
  • Lawyers Helping Lawyers Student Chapter
  • Hike to the Channels
  • Observe Law Student Mental Health Day with Lunch and programs
  • Paint Night at Fired Up Pottery
  • Walk It Out Wednesdays
  • R.I.P.P.E.D. classes taught by Faculty
  • Attended Theatre Guild of Buchanan County (local theater group) performances
  • Mindfulness Monday (weekly email of wellness/self-care tips/ideas)
  • Email on Suicide Prevention Day listing resources
  • Provided Happy Lights (available at Library Circulation Desk)
  • Presentation by Margaret Ogden, Supreme Court of Virginia Wellness Coordinator
  • “The Book of Mamaw” performed on campus by Eugene Wolf

What we are currently doing:

  • One on One counseling sessions with Dr. Rick Carroll and Angeline Saferight Lloyd
  • Presentations by Dr. Carroll on various relevant topics
  • Zen Room
  • Peer to Peer Student Mentoring Program
  • Baking Homemade Bread
  • Collection of Books in Library Reserve Section
  • Created and maintain list of Counseling Resources that are available for students
  • Working with local businesses and churches to provide student lunches during exam weeks
  • Providing coffee and snacks for our students during exam weeks

What we are working toward:

  • Wellness BINGO
  • Coffee Bars with coffee and snacks available throughout the day
  • On campus Pottery Night, taught by an SWCC Art Instructor
  • Zip lining at Breaks Park


Phone: (276) 244-1308

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