As of May 2023, the Appalachian School of Law has conferred over 1,600 juris doctorate degrees. Graduates have gone on to serve and practice law both locally and nationally. Among our alumni include legislators, members of the judiciary, officers of the United States military, and practitioners. Many of our graduates choose to stay locally and serve in one of the four states that make up our Appalachian region. Regardless of where our alumni land, they always have a home nestled here in the mountains of Virginia.

Alumni Information

To view grades or request transcripts, log on to the alumni access system here. Please note that official transcripts for employment-related purposes or bar-related purposes, as well as unofficial transcripts, are free of charge to alumni. All other transcript requests must be accompanied by an electronic payment (or check) in the amount of check $5.00 payable to Appalachian School of Law. Checks should be mailed to Appalachian School of Law, c/o Registrar, 1169 Edgewater Drive, Grundy, Virginia 24614. Processing time is approximately five business days.

Alumni Association

Upon graduation, ASL graduates become members of the ASL Alumni Association. The Alumni Facebook Group allows graduates to keep in contact with classmates, post pictures, make announcements, post events, list job opportunities, and share ideas.

Click here for the Alumni Association ByLaws (PDF).

The Alumni Association is governed by the Board of Directors. To serve on the Board, the alumni member must be elected by a majority of all members of the alumni population. Each spring, elections are held electronically through email.

Elected members of the Board of Directors are volunteers who share a common passion for ASL. They meet monthly via Zoom and conduct business to further both the alumni and future alumni. Each October, the Board hosts a Memorial 5k and Homecoming Celebration.

NALP Surveys and ABA Surveys

The National Association for Law Placement, or NALP, The Association for Legal Career Professionals, facilitates legal career counseling and planning, recruitment and retention, and the professional development of law students and lawyers. NALP’s website provides information on recruiting trends, placement statistics, law firm information, law schools, and more.

Who completes the NALP survey?

Following graduation, all recent graduates receive a NALP survey by email. Please complete the survey at that time, regardless of your employment status. If your employment information changes prior to March 15th of the year following your graduation, please contact Career Services to update your survey responses.

Is my personal status confidential?

Yes. Personal information is kept confidential. The employment information from all graduates is combined into a statistical report that is submitted to NALP, with a portion also submitted to the American Bar Association (ABA). Some general, collective class information is made publicly available per ABA Standard 509.

What if I lose my NALP survey after graduation?

If you have not responded by Jan. 1, you will be contacted again. Simply complete the survey and return it to us at that time, regardless of your employment status. You can use the link provided to access the online survey, or you can download a printable version to return to the Career Services Office.