The Student Bar Association of The Appalachian School of Law is governed by four officers, nine Senators, and four Honor Court Justices. Every ASL student is a member of the Student Bar Association by virtue of enrollment. The SBA serves the ASL student body in the formation of law school policy and student governance. In addition, the SBA organizes social events and community service events and facilitates the formation of new student organizations. The SBA plays an important role in serving as a liaison between the students and the faculty and administration.

2022-23 Officers

  • President – Tyler Starnes
  • Vice President – Meredith Waugh
  • Treasurer – Brennon Kimbler
  • Secretary – Heather Barodi
  • Chief of Staff/Calendar – Kyle Ford


  • American Bar Association Student Rep – Meredith Waugh, Sidney McLaughlin
  • Career Services Committee – Irena Floyd, Hunter Keele, Hunter Shockey, Blake Gullett, Zach Miracle, Heather Barodi
  • Charitable Endeavors – Kelsey Hall
  • Fiscal Policy Committee – Hunter Keele, Martina Whitley
  • Alumni Relations – Kyle Ford
  • Legacy Committee – Heather Barodi
  • New Organization Review Committee – Meredith Waugh, Brandon Small, Olivia Schear
  • Buchanan County Law Clinic Committee – Megan Elmore
  • Pharmacy School Outreach – Heather Barodi
  • Student Activities Council/Property Manager– Melanie Hicks
  • Student/Faculty Liaison –
  • Virginia Bar Association – Whitney Darby
  • Constitutional Integrity and Efficiency – Megan Elmore, Hunter Shockey, Brandon Small
  • Campus Beautification – Gail Bell, Florence Turner, Ashton Lawson, Sidney McLaughlin

2022-23 Senators

  • 3L Senators – Hunter Keele, Hunter Shockey, Olivia Schear
  • 2L Senators – Sidney McLaughlin, Brandon Small, Martina Whitley
  • 1L Senators –

2022-23 Honor Court

  • Chief Justice – Megan Elmore
  • Deputy Chief Justice – Irena Floyd
  • 2L Justices – Melanie Hicks, Austin Mullins
  • 1L Justices –