Federal regulations stipulate that, in order to be eligible for Title IV financial aid, you must be making satisfactory progress toward a degree.

Students at Appalachian School of Law do NOT make satisfactory academic progress if they exceed a maximum time frame of 84 months for earning their J.D. degree or are academically dismissed. See Ch. 5, Section IX for additional information on academic dismissal and probation.

Satisfactory Academic Progress will be reviewed annually following the fall semester.

If you fail to meet the satisfactory progress standard, you may appeal to the Dean. The appeal will be evaluated for mitigating circumstances resulting from personal illness, injury, and tragedy, etc., and your ability to improve your academic record. A successful appeal results in being placed on financial aid probation, during which you may continue your eligibility to receive federal financial aid funds. A successful appeal, however, does not change any consequences of your academic performance other than your eligibility for Title IV financial aid.

Note: financial aid probation will only be granted in conjunction with academic probation and is therefore subject to the standards set forth in Ch. 5, Section IX. If you fail to return to good academic standing at the end of the financial aid probationary period, you will lose eligibility for federal financial aid. Students who lose financial aid eligibility may apply to restart their legal education at ASL and, if accepted, will regain eligibility.

Note for students receiving GI Bill ® benefits: The School will no longer certify GI Benefits for students that do not meet the Satisfactory Academic Progress policy above. Students who regain eligibility for financial aid under the Satisfactory Academic Progress policy will also regain the ability to be certified for GI Benefits.

GI Bill® is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). More information about education benefits offered by VA is available at the official U.S. government website at http://www.benefits.va.gov/gibill.