TWEN (The West Education Network) is an online course management system developed by Westlaw, a legal research provider. TWEN is designed to facilitate communication and collaboration between students and professors in law schools across the United States, including the Appalachian School of Law.

At Appalachian School of Law, TWEN is used extensively by faculty members to manage their courses and to provide students with a range of online resources and materials. TWEN allows professors to create course pages, upload and share syllabi, readings, and other materials, and communicate with their students through a range of tools such as announcements, email, and discussion forums.

TWEN also offers a range of interactive features that enable students to engage with course content and with each other. For example, professors can create online quizzes and polls, and students can participate in group discussions and collaborate on projects through shared documents and other online tools.

In addition to its core course management functions, TWEN also provides access to a range of Westlaw resources that are relevant to law students. For example, students can use TWEN to access legal databases, including cases, statutes, and secondary sources, and to conduct legal research for their coursework.

During Orientation, students will participate in a training session hosted by WestLaw that will help them create their accounts and teach them to join and interact with their respective course pages. WestLaw representatives, student representatives, and trained ASL staff are available to assist students throughout the year.

Overall, TWEN is an important tool for law students and faculty at Appalachian School of Law, enabling them to communicate, collaborate, and engage with course content both inside and outside the classroom.